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Fill in your vehicle's details and get a free online valuation of how much you can expect from the sale of your ride. Then book a date for your vehicle check at one of our locations.


Bring your ride and all the required documents to your appointment, let our expert Team TiinTiin do a thorough check of your vehicle and kickstart the exciting bidding process to get you the best deal from over 1000+ verified potential buyers.


After receiving the highest offer from a trusted partner, we will transfer the money to your bank account right away. 100% free and 100% joyful!

Welcome to TiinTiin!

Where selling your car is a joyride!
We know that selling your car can be time-consuming and a real hassle. That's why you're in the right place! TiinTiin is the best friend to the everyday vehicle on the streets of Indonesia. We'll make sure that selling your beloved vehicle will be simple, convenient while giving you a great price. To top it all, the entire process is 100% free. So what are you waiting for? 

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In TiinTiin you can trust!

  • It's a place where selling your vehicle is a fast and easy joyride
  • Where getting you the best deal means as much to us as it does to you
  • Where we focus on giving you value with a process that is 100% free and transparent
  • Where we put your safety first by working with 1000+ verified buyers from all over Indonesia
  • Where our experienced team is trained to support you every step of the way and keep your happiness quotient sky high!

Rave reviews for TiinTiin

The process is so simple and the service is good and fast, I got my car sold in no time. Success Tiin Tiin!

Amira L / Toyota Calya 2019

After I finished creating the booking on the website, their Contact Centre called right away. The vehicle check was thorough and after I waited for awhile I was informed that they sold the car. It's so easy and fast! Highly recommend TiinTiin to anyone wanting to sell their vehicle.

Sisca W. / Toyota Calya 2018

This is a new solution for all the people who want to sell their car in fast and easy way. The service is very good. TiinTiin can save my time and energy!

Ageng S. / Daihatsu Xenia 2010

I didn't expect that I could sell my car so easily and fast. If I would have known about this before I would have done it earlier. Thanks TiinTiin!

Sofyan / Toyota Yaris 2017

Still not convinced? The answer is here, it's TiinTiin, my dear!

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  • I need more details about the process of selling my vehicle with TiinTiin.

    Gone are the days when selling your vehicle is stressful or takes forever. Say goodbye to waiting around for calls or visits from potential buyers, lengthy price negotiations with cheapskates and UN-level discussions over the colours of your seats. If you make an appointment with us now, we can help you sell your vehicle today, completely hassle-free!

    Here are the steps to sell your vehicle with TiinTiin :

    1. Fill in all the details of your vehicle on our website, and get a free price estimation for your ride from the comfort of your home.
    2. If you like what you see, make a booking for a vehicle check at our nearest location.

    3. Bring your vehicle with all the required documents to the appointment at the TiinTiin location. Score some brownie points with our team of TiinTiin-ites by being on time!

    4. We will quickly check your car in 30 minutes and give you a price recommendation.

    5. If our recommendation makes your heart go TiinTiin, we will start an exciting 30-minute bidding process with our trusted partners for your beloved vehicle.

    6. Once the highest deal has been made, we will transfer the money to your bank account on the spot!

    7. Call your friends and family to share your joy and tell them about how TiinTiin made your day.

  • Why choose TiinTiin over other ways to sell?

    First of all, we have a really fun name! But more seriously, we are not just another platform you may have seen with a standard formula. We're more than that. All of us here at TiinTiin have one big thing in common - we care about your ride and about YOU. Yes, we get you the best deal, but we believe it’s not just about price but about giving you value.

    We want you to feel the joy from the moment you get the address for our online home, to the the minute you ring the bell when you make an appointment till you leave our doorstep knowing you are in safe hands leaving your ride with us.

  • Why we don't recommend selling your vehicle on your own

    There are so many reasons why you shouldn't bother selling your car on your own. But let's ease you in with just 2 big ones.

    Reason #1: It's a giant pain in your you-know-what! If you go the classifieds route, it starts with making sure you get that perfect picture of your vehicle, hiding all those little scratches and dents. Then you list on a classifieds website with thousands of others who are trying to sell as well. And then you just sit, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a potential buyer to come a-knocking. By the time you've answered their repetitive questions, halfway through making brilliant sales pitches for your vehicle, you'll realize that they're not serious and you've grown three new grey hairs.

    Wouldn't you like to get rid of this whole tiring process and have us take care of it for you?

    Reason# 2: If you decide to approach dealers around town who'll buy your ride, you'll find a whole new set of frustrations. Let's start with the fact that dealers are trying to strike the best deal for themselves and are not putting your needs first. In fact, their entire business runs by trying to buy vehicles for the lowest price possible.

    So if you're looking for the best deal, that saves you time, energy, your youthful spirit and your love for life in general, TiinTiin is the answer.

  • What does it cost to sell my vehicle through TiinTiin?

    The best things in life are FREE. Just like our service. We will make sure you get your ride sold without spending a penny. From website to TiinTiin location to finding you the best deal and sending you on your way, heart and wallet-happy, we'll do it all without asking you for a dime! Sounds good doesn't it?! Let's get you started right away by getting you a free online price valuation for your ride.

Do you have any questions or something you'd like to share with us? Make our phones and inboxes go 'TiinTiin'