How TiinTiin Agent Works

Register yourself at our website by just filling your personal info and bank accounts. The registration process is fast, and you can login to be TiinTiin Agent!

Introduce TiinTiin to your colleagues and friend to help them sell their vehicle through TiinTiin, the best platform to sell your ride!

Get the MONEY! When your data is qualified, you will get a bonus. So does when your prospect came to the TiinTiin location, you will get the bonus again! So it's double bonus!

How to become a TiinTiin Agent

  • Click the "Register as Agent" button on this page and fill in your data
  • Click on the link in the confirmation email in your mailbox
  • Login to your personal Agent dashboard
  • Complete your personal data and bank details to withdraw your cash
  • Enjoy the extra cash you make!

Why become our agent?

Earning extra cash in Plain Sight!

Double your income and help your friends, family and colleagues to sell their vehicles at TiinTiin. It only takes 10 minutes of your time!

It's very Easy

Fill in their vehicle data, create a booking, and voila! Just sit back and wait for your TiinTiin commission to come in!

Flexible Working Times

You know what? You can do this anytime and anywhere! Awesome, right? Got some questions? Check the FAQ below!


Do you have any questions or something you'd like to share with us? Make our phones and inboxes go 'TiinTiin'


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