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We are an e-commerce and transactional marketplace for any type of vehicle in the market. But at heart, we're in the business of bringing instant joy. All of us here at TiinTiin have one big thing in common - we're not just about buying vehicles, we care about giving our customers an experience that sparks joy at every step. Yes, we give them the best deal, but we believe it’s not just about price but truly about value. Our goal is to become the #1 authority for car owners to obtain, own, maintain, transact, and research their vehicle. And we can't do this alone! That's where you come in. We are looking for the kind of talent that shares our ambition and excitement to build the next Indonesian unicorn. profile Pic



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Our mission

We feel a strong need to simplify the automotive industry in Indonesia. Our mission is provide consumers with a broad range of solutions that fit with modern-day technology to address age-old problems.

Our vibe

We believe that highly talented people and great enthusiasm are essential in building an awesome company. We strive to create a work environment where our team have a lot of freedom to explore new ideas with solid opportunities to grow within the company.

Our big picture

Yes, we've got big dreams! To become Indonesia's next big unicorn by revolutionizing the automotive industry. Through TiinTiin, we want to reach consumers all over the nation by representing Indonesian culture in our communication, and being a one-stop-shop for all their automotive needs.

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