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How can Team TiinTiin now the price estimation of my car?

The free online price estimation is an indication of the value of your vehicle based on its characteristics, but is not necessarily similar to the actual value of your vehicle. Our experienced Team TiinTiin will check your vehicle to determine its actual condition. Based on the actual condition and the market value, we provide you with an estimated price. Once you agree to that price, we will send your vehicle's details to our large network of 1000+ partners across Indonesia who can then make an offer while seeing competing offers, resulting in price optimization. The highest offer from our network of partners determines the final price.

We gathered some questions that you may ask to Team TiinTiin, and here are the answers!

We have a thorough vehicle checks which we are really proud of! In order to make sure that the vehicle check runs smoothly for you and all our beloved customers, our appointment system is very important. This is essential to the TiinTiin experience! You can easily book an appointment with us via our website after receiving your online valuation. Or just give us a call at 02180600982. We look forward to making your day!
Yes! Everything from the price estimation on the website, to the TiinTiin location, the handover of the documents, and the transaction of the money to your bank account - our service is 100% free, with no clever additional costs hidden in the fine print.

When you come to your appointment, don’t forget to bring the personal id & vehicle documents that are required to sell your vehicle. Here's what you need to bring (we know it’s a long list but this is the only thing you'll need to take care of, we'll do the rest!)

Personal documents:

1. Original identity (KTP / passport), and if you are not the one listed on the BPKB & STNK (represented), please also bring the original KTP / passport according to the owner's name stated in the document

2. A copy of the first page of your Savings Account

Vehicle related docs:

1. Original BPKB (mandatory except on lease)

2. Original STNK

4. Manual Book

5. Service Book

6. Original Backup Key

7. Reserve Tires

8. Jack & Lock - Equipment Lock

9. Sales Blanko
- If your vehicle has a KEUR:

10. Keur Book

- if the car is not first-hand:

11. Copy of the document of previous sale / move / hand transaction

- If it’s a CBU car:

12. Original Invoice & Form A

- If the car is on lease:

13. Copy of legalized BPKB

14. Number of leasing contracts (mandatory)

15. Copy of the payment history from Leasing and the last proof of payment (Mandatory)

16. Copy of legalized invoices

- If the vehicle is corporate-owned:

17. SPH

How can I sell my car at TiinTiin?

A car, a bajaj, a bike or a truck, at TiinTiin, you can get a price estimation for all your vehicles. We have thousands of vehicle price data that we determine based on the trends of the automotive market in real time.

After receiving free online price estimation, you can book an appointment at one of our TiinTiin Locations where our experienced Team TiinTiin will check the condition of your vehicle. This quick vehicle check is free of charge. In the meantime you can enjoy a cup of coffee in our comfortable waiting lounge. Please make sure that you bring all the required documents with you to the check locations, otherwise we are not able to complete the vehicle check.

The required documents and items are:

1. The vehicle you want to sell

2. The original documents (STNK, BPKB, SPH, Faktur)

3. Original license plate number

4. Warranty book and service record documents

5. Key duplicates

Also, don't forget to remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle.

Here are the steps to sell your vehicle with TiinTiin :

1. Fill in all the details of your vehicle on our website and get a free price estimation for your ride from the comfort of your home.
2. If you like what you see, make a booking for a vehicle check at our nearest location.

3. Bring your vehicle with all the required documents to the appointment at the TiinTiin location. Score some brownie points with our team of TiinTiin-ites by being on time!

4. We will check your car quickly and give you a price recommendation.

5. If our recommendation makes your heart go TiinTiin, we will start an exciting 30-minute bidding process with our trusted partners for your beloved vehicle.

6. Once the highest deal has been made, we will transfer the money to your bank account on the spot!

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